Book Reviews



                          . . .  A well crafted thriller that takes you straight to Paris.

                                                                                                   --- Trip Fiction

     Vee Williams Garcia's novel Intrigue in Paris combines romance and mystery in a quick-reading tale that unfolds in the City of Light. . .  

   . . . When I read novels set in Paris, I love (and expect) to find the city portrayed as though it were a character.  I want to be able to envision the protagonists walking down a particular street, driving past a particular landmark, eating in a particular place . . .  In short, I want to be transported there!  Garcia satisfied my expectation.

                                                                                 ---- Entrée to Black Paris



     A captivating tale . . . The characters of the Jazz Flower are well developed, heartfelt and are faced with circumstances that are very real.  Although this book is the sequel to Forbidden Circles . . . it is a stand alone book.

                 --- Nedine Hunter, the RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

. . . The time period [The Jazz Flower covers] is from 1930 - 1953.  So, you could call this a historical novel.  Garcia definitely does her research. . . Believe me, you will be reading this book well into the wee hours.          

                  --- Janice Sims, Novelist, Central Florida



          Vee Garcia has unveiled a world of beauty, treachery, and deep-seated passion.

                                           --- Florida Sentinel Bulletin 

Forbidden Circles was exactly what I was looking for, a little bit of romance, adventure, history and escape.

    . . .  I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys history, travel, music and the arts.

                     --- Shunnae Love, Singer/ Songwriter, Albuquerque, NM



I enjoyed every chapter and learned some things I just didn't know.

                                         --- Whitman H. Able, Musician, Memphis, TN



    I read From Drums to Harp, and I absolutely loved it!

                                                   --- Vincent Sims, Musician, Tampa, FL



 Vee Williams Garcia did a masterful job of developing her characters and making us feel as though we're in the midst of the activity as it unfolds.


​                  --- Betty Bradford Byers 

            Author of Wired for Murder